Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Back on my feet

It has been a rough week, with all the illness' but, I think I am finally back on my feet! Monday Night we had our football/cheer party...and that was also the night I started to not feel well...Thankfully I made it through the party, then went home and ached liked crazy....

It was a really nice night, it was at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm,  with both teams and we had pizza & cake, gave out awards and was a fun night.

 This is Scotty's coach, Coach Mark....he said some very nice things about Scotty, how he improved and played a hard position to learn, center..How originally they did not know where they would end up putting him...and that for a kid from California, he played pretty good football.....

 Scotty & his friend Jayden

 Bella eating you see the cute football necklace?? the boys and girls exchanged gifts....that was one of the things inside, along with a bottle cap necklace..Good teach them young that girls like jewelry!! haha
 Brynne smiled sssssooooo good for me with Abby..this is my friend Honey's daughter, her and Bella get along really well, she is super sweet to Brynne and always includes her..I heart that!!
 Christian & Bella exchanging gifts...
 Scotty, I missed who exchanged with, only because I am so bad with my camera taking inside pictures, I really need to work on that..A.L.O.T!
My friend Honey, signing Scotty's sweet did a few others, including his coach!!

So as a token of my appreciation I made these for the Team Mom (football) and the Cheer Coaches, that helped out.....

 Heather' mom
 Leanna's cheer coach
 Amy's cheer coach
and Roxanne' looking at them, I should have gotten an actual photo of them...duh??
Have a fabulous Wednesday night!! Am off to sew.....

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  1. How did you get the letters to stand on the platform? I love things like this...I made some wall letters for my 9 month old daughter and think it's a cool gift idea. Thanks!

  2. Hot glue to make it initially stick (because it dries fast) then wood glue...Hope it holds!! haha


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