Saturday, November 13, 2010

Oh the Life...

Oh the Life..the life my rotten cat has...some days I wish I had!! Especially the end of this week...Thankfully Scott is home, but Bella got the stomach bug on Wednesday, late night..threw up and had an upset tummy for a little while and that was it..I thought we were in the clear.....NOT! Brynne woke up about 2 a.m. sick, and I got a call from Scottys' friends house (he had a sleep over) that he had thrown up in the bed, the top bunk at that! Are you kidding me? I felt sssssssooooooo bad...

So today we are all back in our jammies and will be hanging around the house!! I am going to sew and craft a few things for a few people that I am working on for our year end cheer & football cute!! Working on a few Christmas outfits and laying low, although some days I wish my only worry was to find the warmest, sunniest spot to lay in....ALL DAY!

Until Lifes next adventure...which will probably be tomorrow!
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  1. Your cat is the coolest cat I have ever seen-just beautiful. ?If you don't mind me asking-what kind of cat is it? Please email me at Thanks!

  2. Hi! Thank you! He is a exotic breed, very independant personality, not your typical house/lap cat! he is wild though, but sweet we call him Snicky Rotten, his real name is Snickers...


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