Friday, November 12, 2010

It is Friday!! and it has rained off and on, most of the some times REALLY hard!! It  just looked like a blur it rained so much!! But none the less it's Friday and that is a reason to be smiling...smiling because I am not getting up early tomorrow! i have stayed up wwwwaaayyyy too late every night this week, getting up wwwwwaaaayyyyy too early, and tomorrow I am NOT!!

The other night the kids went to Awanas, and when they returned, there was a box at the door.....

It was a Vermont Teddy bear with a broken right arm, from Grandma and Grandpa.....SO CUTE!!! It brightened Scotty's night! he is handling the broken arm well, I have to bathe him and put his shoes on daily, help with buttons, zippers or snaps, but all in all...things are good!

We are so super proud of the kids! Scotty was picked for Creative Writing, now every week, he goes to a special class to work on that, and he was an all A Honor roll student again, for this past 6 weeks! Awesome!

Bella also is doing great, she had perfect attendance for the last 6 weeks, along with all A's as well....I saw a dip in her English/Writing, so we will work on that...she is not sure when to capitalize and punctuate sometimes...we're getting there!

You know really when we moved away from home, I was most worried about Scotty, he is like me, not to into change, likes things a certain way...he reminds me of me, when I was younger...So I was telling him how worried I was about him, last night, and explained that he has surpassed me by miles...he has done things maybe I thought he never would, football, adjusting, awesome grades, and now the creative writing...he is amazing! I was telling Scott, I remember going through the hallways at our old school and seeing all the creative writings and how nice their handwriting was...Being that Scotty struggled, even Mrs. McBride, his AWESOME teacher before we moved.... was concerned...I remember when we moved, she sent him with handwriting papers and bought him a new coloring book, to help work on his fine motor skills...all of a sudden, he is a different kid!

What time and a little adjustment will do for someone, everyone...I have said it time and time again on this blog, that we are truly blessed, we were brought here by God. I with all my heart believe that, we were led to live a life here in a place where we could raise our kids in a simpler life, less crowded, great schools....While Scott and I knew all along we wanted this for them, God made it happen, He led and we followed, and will continue to follow....

Blessed Immensely

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