Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toothless Wonder

Well Monday Bella came home with one less tooth...She looked like a little jack o'lantern...hee hee..She looked really Cute..however I did not get the camera out to take the picture, figuring I had a little time.

My time ran out...she came home today, missing another tooth!! She is now my toothless wonder!

Funny thing is, that a teacher at school pulled it out, she saw Bella wiggling it, and asked her if she wanted it out, Bella said yes, and out it came! She enjoyed it so much she went back for seconds! Thank You Ms. Hall!!!

I saw Bella walking up to my car in carpool this afternoon, with her hand over her mouth, so I instantly knew something was up...then I saw Ms. Hall in the carpool, I pointed to her, and she started to laugh..I guess she is pretty well known for pulling teeth!

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