Monday, November 1, 2010

Sick to my stomach...

Tonight was awful! Scotty broke his arm!!!! I was standing in his room, in the closet getting Brynnes clothes for tomorrow, and he jumped onto his bed, like a running start from his door, and slid off the bed....He was crying and jumped up, and I about lost it!! His forearm was bent upwards....I have never seen anything like that! No one in our family has ever broken anything...

Scott took him to the Urgent Care, and was sent home in a sling and with pain meds, they could not cast it, until the swelling goes down..and we call the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow...I am sick to my stomach...I am so sad for him, he was crying alot, and then just kind of stopped, and was quiet..not what I would have all.

I will post more when I get it all figured out..
Say a few prayers for him, thankfully it is his left arm!

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