Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

it's a monday

when your kids come home from school, and my third grader tells me a boy in his class used the baddest word ever...the "F" word, and yes it is THAT  "F" word....

Then they both tell me they saw a fifth grader boy who had 5 earrings in each ear...

Nice, huh?
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weekend wrap up

Hope you had a great weekend my sweet readers! We had football and cheer bright and early Saturday morning, and in the hustle to get out of the house I forgot my camera! (UGH) It is not as laid back as Celina, in the fact I guess that it is Pop Warner, and there are too many rules to count! We have to be an hour early to every football game, so the opposing team can weigh in our boys, and vice versa! Also if you miss this, you CAN NOT play, so it is very important to be on time! Another difference is at home we ran 4 15 minute quarters with a half time. Here...nope, they run the game like in real NFL game, stopping the clock after every play...Hellooooo it is 3rd grade, and can I remind you how hot it is here? So I was a little unprepared, being Scott was working, he wasn't there, and I was out there for what felt like an eternity in the heat and sun with a whining 4 yol...

good times!

The rest of the weekend we laid low, swam some, bbq'd and relaxed! Sunday Bella had a project for school, to cover a comosition book (front cover) with she had fun doing that, I take my pics so close up, it was hard to fit too many! But here is how it turned out....

Well that's a wrap up..not too exciting..But am trying to make the most of what we have with what we've got...
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Thursday, August 25, 2011

what is up or is it only me?

Ok so I have a blogger question, and really it is getting to the point of pissing me off! So I either go to comment on someone else's blog or comment on my own blog after I receive a comment...and then IT happens! Now once I type my comment (on either) if I choose google account, it will redirect me, to have to log in to my blogger account and then when I hit post, it keeps redirecting me...UGH...even on my own site.
Sometimes if I choose the openId, it will work, but not on every ones site...


I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to your sites (the ones who leave me comments) and on my own, and it keeps happening....

So what is up, or is it me???
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wordfull wednesday

I have no pictures to share today for my wordless I will have words.

It is raining this morning, therefor I am not walking. I am struggling with the eating thing..I have found over the years (the last couple) I am now a "stress" eater..I used to be a non eater when I was stressed...those days have gone.. I gained about 18-20 lbs in Texas, and all along I thought it was the change in weather, lack of activity..which may be part of it..But for me, I think it was loneliness. Scott was gone and I found comfort in food.

I never in a million years thought those words would come from my mouth.

So here we are in Florida, and I am still struggling with the food thing. You would think we are all together, and it should all be fine..well it is not. In my mind I think I thought we would live full time under the same roof and all would fall back into place. It hasn't. It will take time and adjustment..I get that...Scott has had alot of work issues along with getting the accounts that prompted our move here, labor problems, theft he has been working late, just about every night. I am trying to be supportive, but I find myself irritated. Thinking, "If this is how it was going to be, I could've stayed at home, in MY house." It doesn't help the fact that I don't want to be here and am on the count down of days and months til we go home.

But it is also our surroundings, I mean really, this is no paradise. I find the people that will actually speak to you, are not here by choice, they are here because of a job, and not because they want to be here...great! Then I meat the ones, who came from other states, nicer people places than here, and struggle to deal with it here, but say they would go home if they could...fantastic! Then I meet the one, whose sister and her family came form Arlington, TX to try to make it here, because their family was here..Guess what happened...They barely made it a year and could not wait to get home to Texas...

I feel their pain. ( I won't make it a year here...hell no)

I have witnessed a woman stealing the free trial packets of laundry detergent, attached to the ones you buy at Walmart. Walmart employees, stockers, cussing aloud in the store, hanging around, not really working, not that that surprises me...everyone and their mother smoking, even with their kids in the car....the trashman looking at my 7 yol daughter, to the point that she said aloud "mommy he scares me"...really, I mean this is no place I want to raise my kids....

At first with this move, and the work opportunity, I saw that this was a sign from God, that we are supposed to go to Florida, the work is there, we could all be together there, and the sun shined...

Now am seeing His signs a little different...I see that maybe in the time I was in Celina, and seeing some of the things I wasn't really used too or did'nt quite get, not coming from a small town...that  this is His way of showing me that those things were very minuscule..they really meant nothing...and that this is my wake up call..

When we found Celina, I truly felt it was by God's grace, that we found our house and it was priced way too high...then we found Jeff (our realtor) at a totally different house in Prosper, and he wanted us to see a house in Celina...We did, and it was the house that was priced way out of our range, now for sale under a forced sale through bankruptcy...everything went smoothly, like it was all laid out for us...and it was...

So while I am struggling to find the good here (cause there is not much) I am seeing now what I think God is trying to teach me:
and being content, while waiting and leaning on Him.

I do see the light at the end of the tunnel...and I am leaning on Him to get me there.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

for sometime special

I was at Walmart this morning, oh how I miss my Walmart in Texas...Not that a Walmart shopping experience is ever exceptional..but we all go there, while I would much rather go to Target, Walmart is cheaper..So I suck it up, and go there..While we are here I try only to go there every 2 weeks...This one reminds me even more why I wanna go home..YUK! Anyways I found something cute, I hadn't seen before...

Aren't they cute? I will be saving them for when we go home, as you are allowed to bring NOTHING made from home to the school here...I used to make our front office girls all kinds of yummies, and the classes, so I guess that is what I will cling is not forever...

Happy Monday!
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

opening night and Jamboree

Friday night was the opening night for the start of the football season...amidst the thunder and lightening, in which we had to get off the field during the ceremony and take cover...since we are like in the lightening strike capital of the world...(nice) I took a few pics, I don't know what is up with camera, but alot of the pics came out blurry...but here is what I got...

Then there were the pics from the Jamboree, in which Bella cheered for 3 teams, and Scotty played 2 was so hot..I mean on fire thing I hate about here, I don't think that is something you could ever "get used too", at least I won't have too....I keep telling myself ..."it's not forever"

 Scotty is #75, look for the orange socks and black and white Nike cleats..

 Second from the end in the orange socks

 Getting past #88

So besides the horrible heat, It was a good day.Can't help but reminisce about Celina, especially the football and cheer..but this is temporary..We will be home soon enough...

Bella has really gotten a lot better than she was, I think the dance helped with that as well...Scotty he seems sad sometimes, and I really think it is just because he is not with his friends, because he too has done better..

Hope y'all have had a great weekend, off to start the week off tomorrow! There is a chance of Irene ( a hurricane) hitting us Thursday..good times.
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Friday, August 19, 2011


The reality of my last few weeks has set in...Scott and I have talked about it and come up with a plan, a plan to find our way back to Texas...A plan we can work on together, and a plan that holds a great future in  not only our kids raising, but our own relationship. The plan will not come RIGHT NOW as I would like, since I am sssoooo very impatient, but it will come. I am praying, asking and begging God to open doors for us to come home, and I will continue to have Hope and Faith, as that is what believing in God is....

As I read blogs yesterday, I read them through full teared eyes.....when I came across this one...
In Jennie's Kitchen.. I saw a link another blog for a video of a father and daughter dancing, then as I scrolled up on the right hand side, I saw and read the story of how her loving husband after 16 years together, and way too young passed, unexpectedly. I cried. I cried for their daughters, for the mom's broken heart, it was a terrible feeling that I could not even imagine...

Then I felt like shit, sorry for the profanity..but I felt like the biggest whiner, the most unthankful & ungrateful person ever....WHY? For the so many reasons, that I do have a family, I have our health, and a place to live...I felt so terrible for complaining about the very petty things that I have been.

Being that I miss my life, I miss my friends, I miss "our" plans...and realizing right now, I am not "missing" anything..

They are simply on hold.

This was a very in my face reminder, that we are not promised be Thankful for today!
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Why is change so hard? In my case, like my Best Friend Melissa (in CA) said...
"Christina, when you left California, you were in search of something..and you found it in Texas...and now you have left it behind"...She is so right on the money.

We left California for a plether of reasons...too many to name.....BUT when we got to Texas, and were in Prosper, then to Celina, we found a place to call home. Don't get me wrong, there are things that were very hard to adjust to, weather, being new, school being on a different pace that what we were used to...BUT...It was also everything we have never experienced in our life..a sense of community, a sense of pride, unlike anything else we had seen. So many caring people, welcoming and friendly, so many doors being held for us, manners galore, and I could go on and on....There are many experiences and people who came into our lives and made a difference in us!

So this is an adjustment, one I am not going to get too comfortable in...Florida reminds me alot of California and so many reasons that we left..let alone the humidity is awful and the bugs are ridiculous! I thought Texas had bugs, and yes they do, but this this is crazy!

It is no doubt going to be a tough year, but am telling myself, it is not forever, forever is a long time! So thankfully I lean on God. I know He hears every prayer, knows everything I am thinking before I even ask, I know He is here for me. Texas changed me in so many ways...and all for the better.

So I will eventually get to the point to want to get my camera out...maybe this weekend. We have opening night for football and cheer, a pep rally..and our first games are on Saturday in Jupiter.

Hopefully I will get back on track here, the unsettledness is getting to me!
Happy Wednesday, the week is half over!
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Monday, August 15, 2011

another new first...

So today was the kids first day of school...and I thought about it, this is the 3rd school in 2 years...Scotty was crying from the minute he woke up, until we got to the gate...On the walk to school, I asked him what was wrong...
"I wanna go home, I wanna go back to Celina and go to school with my friends"
insert knife in heart of mom..considering the day I had yesterday....
I told him, "I want to go home too, but right now that is not an option..and that we had to make the best of it right now, while we are here."
That still did not make it any bit easier...
I did take a few pics this morning, as ALL of my kids went to school..But I will not post it, just because it is so obvious how sad Scotty is in them, and I don't want that as a reminder....

So for now, I am TRYING hard to keep busy..keep positive, remind myself that we ARE going home in a year or less...and there is no way WE want to raise our kids here...nope....

My mom left yesterday, and it was a very emotional time.. I think everything hit me, all the built up, held in feelings...I lost it later in the day. I could not contain myself from crying...and I finally said it aloud, to Scott..
"I am tired, tired of leaving my life behind me, tired of leaving houses and friends, I am just plain tired of saying good-bye to a life we created.."and I am still tired.....

So for now, again, I pray..lean on God in my times of worry and fear, knowing He will lead us back home, He will open the doors for us, and He will provide everything we need.

I don't want this to be a sad Monday..I baked brownies for my kids today for a first day treat, have been praying that the day goes better than I anticipated..and pray that tomorrow will be better than yesterday...

In His Grace,
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

a glimpse of the "new"

I snapped a couple pics today, it has been raining most of the day...I guess this is the hurricane season starting..of course it is, I got here!

 While the colors are amazing, the plants are so pretty...I miss home
 A pretty pool to keep me cool, if it wasn't raining...But I miss home.
This is a far cry from the landscape at home, oh wait there was none...But I miss home.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

in limbo...the story of my life....

So we are moved in, unpacked....Not all the way...and it has been a tough week. Probably the toughest one in a really long time! Work issues for Scott, trying to get all our crap out of the trucks and in the house (and garage) and dealing with my missing Texas, in all it's blazing hot heat...I miss it.

My mom has been here since Monday, whcih has been a huge help!  The house is nice, a few things were on the blink and not working..but are just about resolved! yay!

The kids started cheer and football conditioning on Monday as well, so needless to say, it has been hectic. Both football and cheer have 3 teams of about 25 kids a team, so it is bigger than we got used to at home..They are way more rule regulated, I guess because it is Popwarner, and maybe the fact that the population is way over 5000 people has something to do with it, although I am missing my little town, I called home.

Work for Scott has been extremely stressful this week..hirings and firings...and it came at a really bad time!
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Monday, August 1, 2011

moving in monday

It is finally here...I don't know what I was so excited for..I have a ton of boxes to undo and it hasn't even started yet! Am loading up the car, it is packed to the I will be MIA for a few days...and I will catch up this week...when I can find my way out of the mess!

Happy Monday......
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