Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wordless wednesday

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  1. This breaks my heart. I am praying for your sweet family. Selena

  2. Aww! Shedding tears for him... I know you don't know me, and everyones experience is so different, but when I was in third grade we moved from Colo. to Ca. We lived a tortured year in the middle of San Diego and I went to a huge public school and was almost the only white girl there. And people were mean... in 3rd grade. I will never forget it. Then we moved to the North County of San Diego, and it was a smaller town, and things got a little better, and I am STILL in the town where we moved to all those years ago (heavy sighs), but I never forgot the life that I loved in Colo. I had imprinted on it. The scenery, the life styles of being real out doorsy in the mountains. I was never a beach girl. Yes, it is fun to visit, but I would rather go to a lake, the mountains, or the river any day. And I still mourn the loss in my childs heart of the life I had there. Now ALL these years later, I want to live in the Sierra's or maybe Oregon cuz I'm still a mountain girl. I understand how he feels. Thats all. But I know parents have to make hard choices. If we ever move, and my kids are school age I will be doing the same thing. Keep fighting the good fight. :)


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