Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Why is change so hard? In my case, like my Best Friend Melissa (in CA) said...
"Christina, when you left California, you were in search of something..and you found it in Texas...and now you have left it behind"...She is so right on the money.

We left California for a plether of reasons...too many to name.....BUT when we got to Texas, and were in Prosper, then to Celina, we found a place to call home. Don't get me wrong, there are things that were very hard to adjust to, weather, being new, school being on a different pace that what we were used to...BUT...It was also everything we have never experienced in our life..a sense of community, a sense of pride, unlike anything else we had seen. So many caring people, welcoming and friendly, so many doors being held for us, manners galore, and I could go on and on....There are many experiences and people who came into our lives and made a difference in us!

So this is an adjustment, one I am not going to get too comfortable in...Florida reminds me alot of California and so many reasons that we left..let alone the humidity is awful and the bugs are ridiculous! I thought Texas had bugs, and yes they do, but this this is crazy!

It is no doubt going to be a tough year, but am telling myself, it is not forever, forever is a long time! So thankfully I lean on God. I know He hears every prayer, knows everything I am thinking before I even ask, I know He is here for me. Texas changed me in so many ways...and all for the better.

So I will eventually get to the point to want to get my camera out...maybe this weekend. We have opening night for football and cheer, a pep rally..and our first games are on Saturday in Jupiter.

Hopefully I will get back on track here, the unsettledness is getting to me!
Happy Wednesday, the week is half over!
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