Friday, August 19, 2011


The reality of my last few weeks has set in...Scott and I have talked about it and come up with a plan, a plan to find our way back to Texas...A plan we can work on together, and a plan that holds a great future in  not only our kids raising, but our own relationship. The plan will not come RIGHT NOW as I would like, since I am sssoooo very impatient, but it will come. I am praying, asking and begging God to open doors for us to come home, and I will continue to have Hope and Faith, as that is what believing in God is....

As I read blogs yesterday, I read them through full teared eyes.....when I came across this one...
In Jennie's Kitchen.. I saw a link another blog for a video of a father and daughter dancing, then as I scrolled up on the right hand side, I saw and read the story of how her loving husband after 16 years together, and way too young passed, unexpectedly. I cried. I cried for their daughters, for the mom's broken heart, it was a terrible feeling that I could not even imagine...

Then I felt like shit, sorry for the profanity..but I felt like the biggest whiner, the most unthankful & ungrateful person ever....WHY? For the so many reasons, that I do have a family, I have our health, and a place to live...I felt so terrible for complaining about the very petty things that I have been.

Being that I miss my life, I miss my friends, I miss "our" plans...and realizing right now, I am not "missing" anything..

They are simply on hold.

This was a very in my face reminder, that we are not promised be Thankful for today!
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  1. :) I have been faithfully following along. I haven't had any words to share as I get how you feel. Guess I could have said that. ;) I GET IT! I whine sometimes too. I wish my guy was more goal driven. We all want something. :)We are broke out here in old Ca. There are cheaper areas to live in 20 mins up the road,where we could have more house and a pool, but my guy doesn't want to drive. Ha! I am thankful we have our own little home, but we desperately need a bigger place, with a outside area the kids can play in. Our home has land around it, but its not nice grass. See... we all have things that bug. LOL! I hope you get back to Texas soon. I am sorry that you are struggling. I saw that blog too about Mikey. What a sad loss for a family! I try to live very purposefully (is that a word, LOL!), but I am human, and I know I fail daily, but when you see posts like that it really hits home. Also this last week I have seen that one of the blogger moms I followed passed away from an aneurysm. Ugh. You just never know. Life is a moment to moment thing sometimes. Praying for you. :) Have a great weekend!


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