Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend wrap up

Hope you had a great weekend my sweet readers! We had football and cheer bright and early Saturday morning, and in the hustle to get out of the house I forgot my camera! (UGH) It is not as laid back as Celina, in the fact I guess that it is Pop Warner, and there are too many rules to count! We have to be an hour early to every football game, so the opposing team can weigh in our boys, and vice versa! Also if you miss this, you CAN NOT play, so it is very important to be on time! Another difference is at home we ran 4 15 minute quarters with a half time. Here...nope, they run the game like in real NFL game, stopping the clock after every play...Hellooooo it is 3rd grade, and can I remind you how hot it is here? So I was a little unprepared, being Scott was working, he wasn't there, and I was out there for what felt like an eternity in the heat and sun with a whining 4 yol...

good times!

The rest of the weekend we laid low, swam some, bbq'd and relaxed! Sunday Bella had a project for school, to cover a comosition book (front cover) with she had fun doing that, I take my pics so close up, it was hard to fit too many! But here is how it turned out....

Well that's a wrap up..not too exciting..But am trying to make the most of what we have with what we've got...
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  1. Sounds terrible! I would have hated that. :/


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