Sunday, August 21, 2011

opening night and Jamboree

Friday night was the opening night for the start of the football season...amidst the thunder and lightening, in which we had to get off the field during the ceremony and take cover...since we are like in the lightening strike capital of the world...(nice) I took a few pics, I don't know what is up with camera, but alot of the pics came out blurry...but here is what I got...

Then there were the pics from the Jamboree, in which Bella cheered for 3 teams, and Scotty played 2 was so hot..I mean on fire thing I hate about here, I don't think that is something you could ever "get used too", at least I won't have too....I keep telling myself ..."it's not forever"

 Scotty is #75, look for the orange socks and black and white Nike cleats..

 Second from the end in the orange socks

 Getting past #88

So besides the horrible heat, It was a good day.Can't help but reminisce about Celina, especially the football and cheer..but this is temporary..We will be home soon enough...

Bella has really gotten a lot better than she was, I think the dance helped with that as well...Scotty he seems sad sometimes, and I really think it is just because he is not with his friends, because he too has done better..

Hope y'all have had a great weekend, off to start the week off tomorrow! There is a chance of Irene ( a hurricane) hitting us Thursday..good times.
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