Sunday, August 7, 2011

in limbo...the story of my life....

So we are moved in, unpacked....Not all the way...and it has been a tough week. Probably the toughest one in a really long time! Work issues for Scott, trying to get all our crap out of the trucks and in the house (and garage) and dealing with my missing Texas, in all it's blazing hot heat...I miss it.

My mom has been here since Monday, whcih has been a huge help!  The house is nice, a few things were on the blink and not working..but are just about resolved! yay!

The kids started cheer and football conditioning on Monday as well, so needless to say, it has been hectic. Both football and cheer have 3 teams of about 25 kids a team, so it is bigger than we got used to at home..They are way more rule regulated, I guess because it is Popwarner, and maybe the fact that the population is way over 5000 people has something to do with it, although I am missing my little town, I called home.

Work for Scott has been extremely stressful this week..hirings and firings...and it came at a really bad time!
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  1. Sorry that you guys are dealing with struggles. :(


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