Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hi all, I am catching up on posts today, actually tonight between basketball, gymnastics and birthdays I aagain behind! BUT I am asking for prayers for my Dad, please...

Saturday morning my phone rang, at 9 am, it was my mom in California, it was 7 am there. I said hi, and the next thing out of my mouth was "what's wrong?" Because it was so early there on a Saturday I knew somehting had to be wrong...
 My dad had not felt good on Thursday and said he was short of breath..Friday when my mom got home, he could hardly breathe. They went to the hospital, praise God, because if not he could have died. They found blood clots on both his lungs and one in his leg.

Helpless, is not even the word to describe how I felt.

They admitted him, used blood thinners to get rid of the clots, and finally today he went home..

I cannot tell you how relieved I am that he is ok, and I am praying that he stay ok..so in your prayers if you'd pray for him, I appreciate it...

Dad, I love you, and I know you will read this! I am sad I was not there to be with you, or mom, I love you very much and if I haven't said it enough or lately, thank you for loving me like your own, taking care of me, and listening when I needed you...I can not imagine my life had you not been a part of it.

In His Grip
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my baby is 5 today

Happy Birthday to Brynne....my baby turned 5 today! It was a mixed emotion day for me I can't believe how fast 5 years has gone, and that she will be going off to kindergarten in the fall! I don't think that reality has really sunk in yet, that first day I will be a hot mess! But for now, I will enjoy they few days a week she is still my little friend, my little person to talk to me, go shop and run errands with me, and just be with "me"..She is a momma's girl totally...and I can't say I'd rather have it any other way!

Cupcakes for school
 before school

 I love this picture...the excitement!
 the anticipated gift....
 sleeping beauty doll (barbie)
 a bikini for our upcoming pool..... (ya hoo!)
 styling Hello Kitty shades
 again the most anticipated gift, and for me the most dreaded gift (you know what I'll be doing after school tomorrow)
Thank You to all our family who thought of Brynne on this special day, we wish you were here to celebrate with us! We love and miss you very much!!
Grandma & Grandpa
Mimi & Pa
Nana & Grandad
and Auntie Cheryl, Uncle Barry and Brooke...
Big Hugs and kisses!
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we ARE the Champions!

I am a day behind on the big winnings! We are the Recreational 3rd grade champions at Fieldhouse for Basketball! Woo Woo!

It was super exciting! So the long and the short of it, we played on a rec team, and won every game by 25+ points. Then a Fieldhouse representative came to us, when we had only 2 games left, that we were "too good" that they were getting complaints from "other" teams, and that we would finish out our last 2 games, but that our tournament would be against the "better" teams....

Saturday was our first Playoff game, it was nail biting, out of your seat exciting (which I forgot my camera for) and we won 19 to 18...The boys played awesome!

Sunday we played again, another team, that was ranked 2nd in their age group...We won!!! I think by 2 points. It was again very exciting and far surpassed us as parents and their coaches... So we went in to the last game Monday night, going up against the BEST team, in their league, and I am so proud to say..We stomped them! Our boys played so good, we are so proud, and it was one of the best sports events we have ever had! let alone coaching experience! We have the BEST Coaches, Frank and Chad S...Love them! They are the right amount of push and the right amount of praise, which is what kids need!!

I took some pics here they are!

 under pressure?
 The winning moment!

 Coach Chad and Coach Frank...They are so proud of these boys!!!

 Chad and his son Brock
 Back: Gary Don, Frank & Chad
Middle: Chet, Joel, Jayden & Aiden
Front: Scotty, Kaizer, Jackson, Brock & Casen

 Scotty & Daddy
 Enjoying some Purple Kiwi, courtesy of Coach Chad, for a job well done!

This was a really big deal to Scotty, and us! This is a kid who had NEVER played basket ball, really ever dribbled a ball or shot a basket, and when it was all said and done, He did it! He was a kid with zero skills, and came out not only with skills, but a great lesson from his coaches, to be cheered on and encouraged by both his friends and other parents! this really was one of the very best "team sports" we have ever been a part of! All of these boys are good kids, and we could not have walked away with a better experience or great friends from this team!

Today when I picked up Scotty, the first thing he said when he got in the car, was "I am sad that basketball is over, I don't want it to be over"

Thank You!
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

something New.....New to me.

So I had mentioned when we first came back that I had gotten a new car, and I did. But after having it, it was a nice car, it was just not "me". It had a few things that I really didn't like...
1. Sitting low to the ground like a car
2.The way the third row seats fold flat and not up.

So it had to go......

And I got this......instead.......

 Love the FlexFuel...did you know it is 37 cents cheaper than regular gas?
 Staying true to my town....
I guess part of my problem was that I have driven a BIG car (truck as some people call it) for soooo long, like the last 13 years, long! Out of those 4 cars, they were all a chevy product, except my first big car, which was a Ford Excursion.  I was very used to Chevy and GMC, I personally think they are a nicer car inside than Ford, and for me I love that the third row seats flip up, and not flat! (I know some people don't like that)

While this car is a few years older than I planned on buying it has super low miles on it and is immaculate on the inside! it is just like my escalade I got rid of, but WAY less miles and better gas mileage. It has a lot of life left in it, I love the color, and while it isn't brand new.....it is brand new to me!

Biggest Hugs!
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentine's day!

I have had so many want to do's on my list, I have been working hard on them! So I am A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D to pinterest....it is the best thing ever!!! i found many cute ideas off there, and made some for my kiddos classes..They are not technically having "parties" but we can send in goodies...YAY!!!!
So my sweet friend Lainey let me borrow her handy dandy cake pop stand, which makes making things on sticks super easy!
Chocolate covered marshmallows & chocolate swirled marshmallows
 Oreos, ONLY double stuf for me, I actually really wonder why they even make the normal ones?? Who doesn't want DOUBLE the white stuff??
 Dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate hearts...
 The essentials...
 These my friends are the devil...Cherry flavored m&m's...Really? they are like mini chocolate covered cherries (not good for weightwatchers)
 I made Cherry Bark with the recipe from this creative and funny lady ....
 Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

 And lastly this, via Pinterest......Pretzel Hugs! i think everyone and their mother is making these, because there were no square pretzels to be had, or Hugs for that matter at Target!! I was lucky to get ONE bag of Hugs & Kisses, and a last bag of pretzels at MarketStreet......(nothing like me waiting til the last minute though...I work better under pressure)

I ventured out and made my girls outfits and got creative with their hair via Pinterest (addict) They look a little frazzled as this was taken AFTER a day at school!

 Heart twisted Hair..I did both girls haor, but by the hiding of the face on Brynne, You can tell it was a day full of candy, no rest time and just plain tired out!
 A little something for my Valentines! I am not huge on the candy part..so we do books...

Bella got a treat form a "secret admirer" (someone help me please...) They all came home from school with lots of love in their bags!

Hope yours was Happy!
Big Hugs!
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