Wednesday, February 1, 2012

my lil' gymnist

Brynne went to her first trial gymnastics class on Monday...She loved it! She was so excited to wear her "crazy pants" like Bellas' and talked about going to the class all week...She kept asking me if the next day was Monday!

She takes a class that will help her learn the basics of gymnastics and build her strength...Her coach said she was really "strong", and it takes alot of strength to be good in gymnastics...

 Her "football" pose...
 This was hard, you had to push this block back and forth...Mind you this is the time she said aloud "I am getting sweaty!"
Secondly on a note, I know I could not do even a quarter of these things!
She did great and is patiently asking me, is it Monday yet?
No, but thankfully it is almost Friday!
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