Monday, February 6, 2012

super bowl

so we had a lil' super bowl party, and let me tell you it was all about the food! (isn't it always!) Sadly I took no pictures, except with my iphone, of the food...we were too busy chatting and hanging out!

Therefor the pics are tiny! But the food, oh it was amazing! this little number, with the animal crackers was "the Best!" It was a chocolate chip cream cheese mix that was TDF! I made it, and as I was doing so I decided to double it, thankfully so, because the bowl was EMPTY! Us girls didn't watch much of the game, all the kids played and had fun, my playroom upstairs can prove that....

It was my one day off from Weight Watchers, and let me tell you, I am paying for it....the ol' body isn't used to eating so badly! So my tummy has been making me pay the price for that mishap! Sadly my friend Honey and her family didn't feel too great, so they didn't make it! Lainey and her girls were here, until her tummy was mad at her for the weight watcher day off as well! The Johnson's, and the Redmon's came, along with my neighbors JB & Anthony and was a great time, all the kids had fun and there was just an even amount of "friends!" I am so glad we did this, and it really makes me look forward to the next time! I am very blessed to have such great people in our life!

On a side note...I joined Facebook, NOT for the reason everyone else does..In fact I will not even be using it, but I did it for the sole purpose of this:


Need I say more?

Happy Monday!
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  1. You can be on Pinterest without being on FB... just sayen. :) I <3 me some Pinterest. Great to see you blogging again.


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