Wednesday, February 15, 2012

happy valentine's day!

I have had so many want to do's on my list, I have been working hard on them! So I am A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D to is the best thing ever!!! i found many cute ideas off there, and made some for my kiddos classes..They are not technically having "parties" but we can send in goodies...YAY!!!!
So my sweet friend Lainey let me borrow her handy dandy cake pop stand, which makes making things on sticks super easy!
Chocolate covered marshmallows & chocolate swirled marshmallows
 Oreos, ONLY double stuf for me, I actually really wonder why they even make the normal ones?? Who doesn't want DOUBLE the white stuff??
 Dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and chocolate hearts...
 The essentials...
 These my friends are the devil...Cherry flavored m&m's...Really? they are like mini chocolate covered cherries (not good for weightwatchers)
 I made Cherry Bark with the recipe from this creative and funny lady ....
 Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

 And lastly this, via Pinterest......Pretzel Hugs! i think everyone and their mother is making these, because there were no square pretzels to be had, or Hugs for that matter at Target!! I was lucky to get ONE bag of Hugs & Kisses, and a last bag of pretzels at MarketStreet......(nothing like me waiting til the last minute though...I work better under pressure)

I ventured out and made my girls outfits and got creative with their hair via Pinterest (addict) They look a little frazzled as this was taken AFTER a day at school!

 Heart twisted Hair..I did both girls haor, but by the hiding of the face on Brynne, You can tell it was a day full of candy, no rest time and just plain tired out!
 A little something for my Valentines! I am not huge on the candy we do books...

Bella got a treat form a "secret admirer" (someone help me please...) They all came home from school with lots of love in their bags!

Hope yours was Happy!
Big Hugs!
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