Thursday, February 16, 2012

something New.....New to me.

So I had mentioned when we first came back that I had gotten a new car, and I did. But after having it, it was a nice car, it was just not "me". It had a few things that I really didn't like...
1. Sitting low to the ground like a car
2.The way the third row seats fold flat and not up.

So it had to go......

And I got this......instead.......

 Love the FlexFuel...did you know it is 37 cents cheaper than regular gas?
 Staying true to my town....
I guess part of my problem was that I have driven a BIG car (truck as some people call it) for soooo long, like the last 13 years, long! Out of those 4 cars, they were all a chevy product, except my first big car, which was a Ford Excursion.  I was very used to Chevy and GMC, I personally think they are a nicer car inside than Ford, and for me I love that the third row seats flip up, and not flat! (I know some people don't like that)

While this car is a few years older than I planned on buying it has super low miles on it and is immaculate on the inside! it is just like my escalade I got rid of, but WAY less miles and better gas mileage. It has a lot of life left in it, I love the color, and while it isn't brand is brand new to me!

Biggest Hugs!
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  1. I like your newest car. :) I really liked the Escalade... If we ever decide to get another car that is what we want, and sort of are sad that that is not what we got a few years ago when we got our current car... a YUKON XL. The hubs wouldn't let me get the Denali cuz of the potential to suck up even more gas. :) Even though our car is now 6 years old, I still love the style of it and am so happy to have a big car that can accomodate lots of kids and their stuff. :)


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