Sunday, January 29, 2012

basketball saturday and my husband is home!

We had a game Saturday night, and we won 40 to 3. We are undefeated and the Field house is just now saying we have to move up the "next level" umm....we only have one game left! So I guess for the "tournament" we will be playing "up"...I am not super knowledgeable about basketball or many other sports for that matter! We participate for the experience, team work and to learn...that is what sports are supposed to be right?

Again, excuse the red eyes..I think I spent alot of the time trying to figure out the settings and finally reverted to the action auto mode (not great) but it got the job done...I have said it once and I will continue to say it again....My goal is to practice and get better, and that takes time, which I will be making for it!

Scott got home later Saturday, so he missed the game..After the game we dropped Bella off at Abby L's for her birthday sleepover...Honey (my friend) Brave soul that she is, had 8 2nd grade girls staying the night! I watched my friend Lainey do it a couple weeks ago, now Honey, and I am not signing up for that one anytime soon!! too much drama, screaming and tattling for this momma.....

So back to a busy week! Brynne finally has gymnastics tomorrow, she was too sick last week, so I will get some pics of that...I am gonna get my hair done and help with the art class at Bella's school on Friday...amongst 2 basketball practices and gymnastics for's just another week!

Happy Monday..Make it count!
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