Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I have said it before and I am saying it again..I can not get on a schedule! i am partly going to blame my iphone! I got it about a month ago, and made the switch from my android to the iphone, and was hesitant to say the least, at first..I was just learning my android! But choice ever! So I partly blame my iphone for me never having to get on my computer! i can check everything from my phone, and while I am sure I can blog from it, although maybe not the easiest...I don't know that I could upload pictures from it to my blog..I guess they would have to be taken on my iphone...and you know I only like to blog if I have pictures!

So last week I was picking up Brynne from school and she told me all about "Puzzles" the donkey in the property across from her school. She told me how they went over to him, they pet him and fed him and how he made the Heee Haaaw donkey noise.

The next day I brought an apple to feed Puzzles after school.. We went to the fence, and another first, I heard my first Donkey welcome......Heeeee Haaaaaww...

 Brynne was so excited to feed him....So in this picture he is doing that thing where his lips are moving all around the apple, no teeth, just those crazy lips! I am no fan of large animals, I barely like the size of my dog, or what she will be, let alone horses and or donkeys. they are just so big, with equally big teeth, I find them to be a little scary, so when Brynne is holding this apple, I am envisioning an donkey chomping her hand off...
So while I have been behind on blogging, and taking any sort of pictures...I am trying to get better. Being home has been great! But I am finding it hard to get in a routine, partly because Scott has been home pretty much this whole time..While I love that he is home with me, and the kids, it also keeps me from doing my normal mom duties along with things I like to do..We always find somewhere to go or something to do!

So while this was hardly wordless..Happy Hump Day!
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