Friday, January 27, 2012

happy friday!

Hey y'all hope it has been a good week! A long week for me Scott had been out of town so I had a little dejavu on winging it on my own! Plus Brynne was a little under the weather and Scotty got an ear infection..he just had one a month and a half ago! Its the season though!

I snapped a couple pictures yesterday on my way to pick up Bella at Abby's house, and thought I'd share them..I am so out of practice it is not even funny! My hand seems to be so shaky, I definatley need to get more control or I'll have to shoot in auto mode the rest of my life!

I also know I haven't blogged about my small town, the happiness I hold being back "home" or all the small things that are really big things, in my heart about this place..

I remember being so afraid of leaving California, what would life be like, how would we adjust, where would we end up? Did we make the "right" decision..

Then going to Florida, I felt all the same things, but also told myself that "this was it, we are going to make the best of it, no matter what". and that did not happen, nor could it happen, and I am glad I did not let it happen..

This is home for us, with all the little quirks, it is where we are supposed to be! God opened the doors for us to be back here, I believe that with all of who I am. I do not take for granted one second of this place, one drive by looking at the cows, admiring a windmill or even a water tower, it is our home and there is no place I'd rather be...

Many Blessings!
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