Friday, January 6, 2012

Time flew by me..its 2012!

I have not blogged in forever! Not because I haven' wanted too..but lotsa things, actually! I got super sick for the 3 days before Christmas eve, in bed sick....YUCK! Christmas came and went and then Nicholas came...We had a great visit, although short! He went home Wednesday, and now the kids are back in school and I am trying to get back to "it"..

I have lots to post about, it will be just finding the time! We finished our upstairs, I got a new car, and I started my HCG again, yesterday..(this time I WILL follow the maintenance) Although I started again, I am not going to post everyday like I did before, but at the end I will post a before and after pic and the results of weight/inches lost...

I will be starting fresh from now, I can't go back wards, so I will post what I can up til then and move on  after all it is 2012! I can't believe it!

Happy Friday Friends!
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  1. NOT to sound neurotic, HA... but I have been checking your blog for days. :) I haven't blogged for 2 months or so myself, so you won't catch grief from me. :)Glad to hear you are better. We have has crazy illness in our home too. Sounds like things are great for you guys overall. Happy to hear it.

  2. Hey girlie!! Glad to see your post! I was hoping you were doing well, and it looks like you are! :) Can't wait to read more posts!! Happy New Year!


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