Friday, November 19, 2010

My Second Home........the Laundry Room

So I am participating in Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life...Laundry Rooms, Play Rooms, Game & Media Rooms..... and since our Game, Media and Play room are unfinished (meaning in the framed stages) I can not show you that.....But I can show you my Awesome...Laundry Room....

Ha Ha...It is the truth!! With 3 kids and a husband with a job, that he actually gets dirty at...This is my Second Home...I probably do at LEAST 15 loads of laundry a week!! We have only lived in our new house since the 4th of July...But when we saw it, 2  things are MOST important to me, the kitchen of course and the laundry room.Not only is the laundry room a place where I do the laundry, but it is a storage for back-paks & jackets, shoes, the cat box, cleaning name it, it is here.

I also like my laundry  because of all the "cubbies" that were built-in, the storage shelves on each side of the windows, they are awesome! Also I like a separate laundry room because I keep my purse and keys all in the same place, and that way it does not end up on my kitchen counter or little desk area in the kitchen!!

here goes....

 This is looking into the laundry room, from my kitchen..there is a door that closes to separate the two.

 door to the garage and those very useful shelves...they house all our pool towels (for the pool we don't have yet)  and sunscreen/bug spray
 Play dough storage...way out of reach for small children...well planned
 Am needing a storage drawer thingy for the area to the left of the washer, and or a swiffer holder too...YES that is cat food on the sitting area, so that dog won't eat it..although that won't be long she is getting HUGE!!!!
 Cute cubbies, everyone has one, and I have one for slippers....LOVE these windows in here...they bring in a lot of light!! Yes that is a cat bed for my rotten cat..He LOVES to lay there in the summer sun..Now that the weather is turning cold, he has moved spots, I think it is too cold for him there now..He now lays in the den, on the couch, where the sun comes in all day....

Well that is it!! Hope your weekend is started off right!!
Big Hugs!!
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  1. I love the cubbies and your machines. Since I enjoy doing laundry the addition of the machines would make it even more fun.


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