Sunday, October 2, 2011

day 10 and weekend wrap up, so far

Good morning, hope you guys are great! We had a busy day yesterday, cheer and football..I had to work the concession stand (around alot of food very hard!) and then we had a wedding..Art, a guy that works for Scott...So it was busy and fun all at the same time.

I weighed in this a.m. at 118.8, the same as yesterday...and I think I know why! I ate 2 bites of cheese and 1 small bite of a chocolate cupcake at the wedding yesterday...and yes that will do it! Also I ate my dinner fruit (which I usually eat as an afternoon snack) at 9:30 last night, probably a no no!!It was so hard, they had a lot of food and cupcakes, and I brought my dinner...I made plates for the kids, and I really wanted to eat a whole plate of something, willpower and weakness, I tell ya! This was also the first "weekend" of my diet..weekend are hard, we usually are out of our routine, and eat it is doubly hard! Today we are home, and I will be better with little temptations!

So Art got married on a beach in Jupiter, and I took some pics of the kidos..they loved it!!

The girls dresses looked awesome with the moss on the rocks! They are all random shots, which I love the most!

Time to get back on track and push forward! I miss all my sweet friends and family! Can't wait to get home to Texas!!
Biggest hugs,
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