Saturday, October 22, 2011

trying to regain control

A week into maintenance, and am trying to regain control a little, have gained about 3 lbs, and it seems to vary about everyday or so..due to not abiding by what I am supposed to be eating on the maintenance phase...ugh...It is what it is though, the jeans are still fitting, and those few pounds go straight to the belly..gotta love it! I am not going to beat myself, even though I have the last 2 days, I gotta move forward...I have been walking daily which is a bigger thing mentally than I think it is for my actual body. I am stress eater, and I think that is harder to accept than the weight itself..

We had our last football game and cheer today..The kids are both going to be practicing though, 2 more weeks for Scotty and one for Bella..She has Cheer competition on the 30th..and Scotty has his Turkey Bowl game on his birthday, the 5th...Then they each have their season parties that weekend as well...then it is the big move!!

I feel a little anxious about it  though, and I have not pin pointed why..I think it is just wanting everything to fall back in place for the kids, reconnecting and making new friends..I know it will be easy for them, and they have been missed, as well as missed their friends! Scotty is already signed up for basketball, and both girls will be taking dance classes, so they will have recitals in May, it will great! I think Bella is going to take a tumbling class/gymnastics cheer thing, she wants to learn some of the stunts and jumps that the cheerleaders do...

And as for Scott and I, it will be a change as well, I felt like I built a life there at home, and he traveled alot, so he did not have the same connections I had, and still have...but he will and it will be great..I have no doubt in my mind, God is bringing us home, things fell in place they way He intended, and they will continue to do so...on His plan..

Happy Saturday enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Big Hugs
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