Monday, August 9, 2010

Bobcat Cheer Camp

So this was the first day of Bella's camp this week, it runs til Thursday...and she had a great day! She LOVES older matter where we go, if she sees teens she is glued, like I have to tell her to stop staring at them..she is fascinated! So today she was in Teen Heaven, the camp this week is put on by High School cheerleaders!!
They have a theme daily...and today was Bobcat attire..well since we are new here, we had no bobcat attire! I grabbed a pair of shorts at Old Navy and a tank I had bought from Target earlier in the year and whipped this up last night (til about 11pm mind you...)

She really looked adorable..I could picture her as a teen and a cheerleader...she looks like a cheerleader to me..I was also sad for a minute when I think about how fast time goes by..she is growing up sssooo fast, faster than I like to think about!

So she had a great time...We are headed to football practice in about an hour, and I am already tired!!
Hope you have had a fabulous start to your week...Mine has been good, I hope it stays that way, considering the practice field has no potty, we have a 50/50 chance..I am trying to stay positive! haha

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