Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthdays...and Daddy Dances....

So I feel so behind!! It has been nonstop since was Bella's actual birthday!! Nicholas came in on Tuesday, and we have had dinners out, baseball and outings since then! So first I will say, I had a cupcake party for Bella on Friday, at our house..and note to self, either save for a party somewhere else OR plan more stuff...I thought the cupcake decorating would be enough...but I fell short about a half our..8 girls plus sugar...I needed to plan more! haha...but it was fun, everyone was wonderful and they had a great time!

So We are proud parents....Scotty made the A/B Honor Roll!!!! ( he actually only had 1 B) My friend at school, asked me Friday...Did you see Scott's name in the paper? I said "No", "for what?" then she told me and I hurried home to get my mail and see our local town paper...VERY COOL!

Well it is our last night to spend with Nicholas here, he leaves first thing in the has been a good short visit...I have to snap a few pics!! Tonight I dolled up my daughter and she was ssssooooo thrilled, our town is having their annual "Father/Daughter Dance"....she was so excited, I took a few pictures before they they are!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and am thinking of you guys!!
Biggest Hugs!!

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