Friday, June 29, 2012

anything but uneventful...

So this week has flown by...but not quietly! UGH!!! We swam with the Johnson's last Sunday and I snapped a few pics...

The kids did VBS at First Baptist Celina...It was awesome! they had a great time, and did lotsa fun stuff! This was the funnest, Crazy hair day! It ran from Sunday night til Thursday (last night) ending with a cook out and mingling, it was really nice.

From this point the week was great, but Wednesday it went south!! If your faint of heart or squeemish...scroll down quickly or stop reading! My husband had an injury/accident on Wednesday morning...Not Good!! He was jacking the trailer up with a jack, and the jack collapsed! there is a side door on the trailer, that when the trailer fell, it caught his foot.. he is lucky to have his toes, let alone that he did not lose his could have been worse... Our good firemen of Celina, took him to Centennial Hospital in Frisco, who were Fabulous (btw) he ended up with 9 stitches and a pair of crutches...along with some pain meds and antibiotics...and I am sure a scar.....
To end this post a more pleasant thought........look at my sneak peak of our pictures at the sunflower fields.....I am so excited!! I can hardly contain myself.......

I also made the girls' outfits..they came our really cute, even if I say so myself!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day! A great start to your weekend! Make it count!
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  1. First...OUCH on that injury...I was eating when I saw it!! Ha! I had to scroll through fast, and then went back and looked at it! Poor thing!
    Second...the girls outfits are GORGEOUS!!! Love them...seriously...LOVE!
    THIRD...those sunflowers are amazing. I would love to take pics there! Wow!

  2. Ugh! His poor foot! That was nasty! And I love your girls outfits! They are beautiful!


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