Friday, June 1, 2012


This time of year is always so crazy busy...3 kiddos in 3 different schools, parties, teacher gifts, and so on.... I am relieved it is over, but now is a new set of busy... Leaving for California, planning a graduation party, going to the river on our way home...(a mini vacay) and then there is the feels never ending!

The kids last day was yesterday, it is always sad...the changes that are about to happen and both girls will be at "new" schools.. Bella did not want school to end (the social part of it she loves)

Mrs. Hansen wearing her end of the year gift from me..she was so excited she took off her other hat and put this one on!
I made these for both Scotty and Bella's classes as an end of the year gift! Gotta love Pinterest....
So in the midst of everything else I had going on..I had decided to take on a painting project as well (as if I didn't have enough on my plate)
Notice the dresser? SOOOOOOOO CUTE and I LOVE this paint..No prep, no sanding, the easiest thing I have ever done...CeCe Caldwell's chalk paint..Am now looking for other "stuff" to paint!! I bought an orange color and a white, I am going to repaint alot of my old frames this summer...Can't wait!!
A little distressing with sandpaper...
I have to get some new knobs, I wanted them to be more girly..
This frame I painted last week..I painted one for a sweet friends birthday as well, but didn't take that picture (ugh) This was the first one, and after I was done, I wished I would have painted the B turquoise...

I am in the middle of trying to finish outfits for my girls to wear for Nicholas' graduation, clean house, change beds and pack...good I'll be out of the office (blogging world) for a couple weeks...But I will have LOTS to share when we get back!
Have a great start to your summer, Big Hugs and many Blessings!!
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