Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celina Splash & Blast

Saturday we went to the Celina splash & blast..we went last year and had a good time, so now it will be a tradition! They had lotsa water slides and jumpers for the kids, way too much food, a small carnival, bands and lastly fireworks! It was a good time, we met up with great friends and just relaxed..We found a shady spot to sit, and since my husband isn't getting around so well, it suited us just fine. On another note, that morning we ended up back at the hospital, Scott's foot was well on it's way to infection..a couple shots and a change of antibiotics later, we were on our way....

 Funny Brynne came over to where we were sitting with this boy...He was actually her friend in her pre k class, Matthew...so sweet they played together for a long while!! So glad she found someone her age to play with!!
 SOOOOOO Brave, that would never be me!

 Scotty & Kaizer (trying not to smile)
 Me telling him...I know you can smile......
 Again trying not to smile.....
 Sweet Kambri, my friend Laci's baby girl....
 The boys rushing up to the top...
 Scotty playing it safe ( he is sooo me)
 Kaizer face first!

 They play so good together.....we had fun all day!
 Bella and Abby O

 Love this picture!!
 Watching fireworks!
 Sweet Booey

 She won this and was so happy...now to keep the damn dog from eating it!
 Sweet girl and daddy
Bella had her face painted there, and this I wish I would have gotten a picture with my regular camera....I took this on my phone with instagram....Gotta love Instagram!!
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