Thursday, July 5, 2012

things that start with S

sunburn and sewing...........I have and have been doing both.........

We spent the day at my sweet friend Lainey's sister in laws...they are on vacation, and since we are lacking in the "lounge by the pool" department, we hung out at their house in Flower Mound...It is really pretty out there, lotsa trees and Big houses..It was a nice fun day away from home! Although Lainey and I thought we'd get our "tan" on, like we were 20 again, all we got was a sunburn! The kiddos had fun though!

 Lastly I had finished up a sewing project for my friend Holly...The fabulous photo go to gal I use, the one that did the sunflower pics! Well i finished a couple things for her, and I am sooo making this dress for Brynne....LOVE the colors and style!!

 Top and skirt set....

Hope your Thursday is great and that your Friday is even better!!
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