Saturday, May 8, 2010

mama's and their babies

Well yesterday I was driving to get the kids from school, and I went through a housing tract by the kids school (I am ALWAYS looking at houses) anyways, there is a little lake, and low and behold I saw this.....

They were we stopped by there after school and the kids held them, loved them, and wanted to bring them home! "Mom, PPPLLEEAASSSEEE, Just one Mom, PPPLLLEEEAASSSEE"...Obviously they do not realize what "moms" do, otherwise they would have known, that those babies can not survive without their mama's....Just like my own kids, but they fail to see that now....It will come in time.

This one has to be about my favorite!!! Lil Booey, look at her hands, like she was almost afraid....oohhh

So in closing with this little photo op... It is my Husband's Fabulously 40th Birthday today...I will see if I can snap a few pictures of our evening....

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