Sunday, March 21, 2010

I.AM.COLD......Are you kidding me?

So we woke up to snow...on the 2nd day of Spring.....It is COLD, WINDY, and YES SNOWING....I am done!!!! It is bad enough that the one day is was going to hit "70"...I was excited, but the WIND...That is something that is hard to get used to, besides the fact it makes it colder, and my hair, oh forget about it!!! So it is a whopping 9:30 and the kids have already been out, that tells me I will be washing a mere 18 pairs of socks, not to mention the wet pants, mittens, jackets and hats.....and that we will not be leaving the house, again....

Yesterday was really the first day I missed "home"...I think that Scott is there, it was 80, and I was stuck here alone, cold and gloomy...did not help none!! I am going to get settled by the fire and watch a movie..I can tell it is going to be a long day...and I will have you know, they better not cancel school tomorrow, or you may find me locked in a closet......

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