Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For My Sister.....Remember when....

Remember when we used to do this????

I.DO. Our poor cats, I distinctly remember a pink buggy stroller with a cat dressed in baby clothes...socks and all, with about 19 blankets on them!!! haha..so I was looking at some pictures on our computer, and came across these, and wanted to tell my sister I.LOVE.YOU and miss you!!!

Hope everyone is great, we are...it was about 80 today...woohoo!!! But with the wind blowing, it feels more like 70ish...But the sun is shining and it is great!

We did go to church on Sunday, it was really good, and really what we needed!! All of us. It reminded me of Rancho, like I thought it would but it was MUCH smaller, with a great "family" feeling...it was a great service and a wonderful message about giving, without expectations....how it can be the very BEST feeling...so I am going to work on that.....

Have a blessed day!!

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