Sunday, January 23, 2011

My New Best Friend, not by choice

This would be my new Best friend, not by choice...but by the fact that I weigh....way over my limit, and am now faced with the cold hard truth that I for the first time in my 37 years,  I HAVE to exercise!

I found my new Best Friend on Craigslist for cheap..and it is LIKE NEW, the guy used it less than a handful of times, my gain....

So I am going to get on this thing starting tomorrow, and see how that fares, along with cutting my portions in half and having one shakeology a day...wish me luck!! (I will need it)

On other notes, we have made it to church this weekend, along with last, and am loving the message...talking about how it is not about "I" or "US" but about "HIM"...It has been very uplifting and look forward to next week. I also joined a few life groups, one for my self only, a women's bible study, and the other two, a family picnic in the park 1x a month and a marriage one 1x a month...with our sweet friends Susan and Jason, so it should be great fun, and am hoping to LEARN more!! We had thought about trying a local church in our town, but Scott wanted to stay where we were, and really I Love our church so far, I just wished it were in Celina!!

I have been struggling with a few personal issues and some school concerns, and am praying hard about them both, praying God will lead me down the path that I can be at peace with my choices and decisions that I have made in my life, I lay my worries, hurts, fears and concerns at the feet of my Heavenly father, I know he will guide me.

In His Grace,

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