Monday, January 31, 2011

Not much New

We have had a relaxing weekend! Just hung out, Scott came home Friday night, so we were all glad to see him!! We had beautiful weather in the 70's, but that is all about to change, to freezing rain and 15 degrees...YES I said 15, and are you kidding me? So I will be going to the grocery store today, and getting that outta the way before the arctic weather rolls in later tonight! Weather like that, IS a time, that I miss home.

Brynne will be on her way to the DR this a.m., her nose is so gross and stuffy, it is awful! Scotty is all better, and I will be dowsing with Lysol again this morning, in my bed stripping cleaning spree.....

Saturday we went to The Galleria mall, which is HUGE and has lotsa really expensive shops in it...Plus a free standing HUGE American Girl Doll Store. So we have never been to AG, and we do not own one of the pretty $100 dolls...Well her birthday is coming up in April, and in our conversation the other week as I was taking her to a birthday party at a local bowling/game place, I told her we had a decision to make, rather she did. I know how much she wants one of these dolls, and explained to her that there was no way we could be able to have a big party ($$$) and do a gift like that. That she would have to choose one or the other. She chose an American Girl doll. So we window shopped at the store this weekend, and really I don't know if I realize what I got myself into....First off, I saw so many moms and girls, you would not know we are in a recession or that anyone was cutting back, it was that busy!

It was funny, there were a lot of really "done up" moms, expensive clothes and purses, and for a minute when we first got there, I felt like I was the out girl in High School...Dumb huh? I think so much financially has changed for us, but more so mentally. I used to be a DIE HARD shopper....I mean a lot, back when Bella was younger. Die hard Gymboree, and only Gymboree....Coach was my favorite thing, and I have lotsa shoes and bags....But really, it doesn't matter all that much anymore. I haven't been to Gymboree in forever, and Coach, well that either...BUT I don't know if it our small town life now, or just us growing as people, but it just is not as important as it used to be...maybe partly because we don't have as much spendable income, I don't know, but I do know, IT is OK....

So Sunday we went to church, great service again....and then headed home. We laid low, and watched the pro bowl, won't really waste my time doing that again...BORING! I sewed a little, am trying to finish up a few outfits for some people, and start a Valentines one for my girlies....they will be excited!

Hope YOUR Monday is off to a great start....OH one thing I forgot, we were in Best Buy last week, and I heard a very exciting piece of news....are you ready? Sit down?......we are getting a ...............
COSTCO....obviously not in our town of 5k people, BUT close, very close my friends, and I could not be a happier me some Costco! Also, an IN N OUT in Frisco......woo hoo!!!!!
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