Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flu B

Scotty tested positive for Flu B on we go! This is the most well we have been for about 6 weeks, and it seems to start the cycle all over again! Brynne has a runny nose, and everyone is coughing...Thankfully we all had our Flu shots, and his case was mild in comparison to what has been going around here! Strep, Flu & Stomach Virus...LOVELY!

Thankfully he woke to no fever this a.m. and was able to compete in the UIL Competition...YAY! So the judging will take place in February, I am just so proud he even got to compete!

On another note, the exercise thing...OK I am way more out of shape than I could have imagined!
I got on my new Best friend, and lasted a whopping 8 minutes! Helllooooo are you kidding me? Then yesterday I made it to 10, we will see if I can do 12 tonight...Sadly a certain child managed to erase ALL 150 OF MY DVR hours, ALL my shows, I am very sad, and I could have cried...and no it was not the little one, in fact I think it was the big one. Obviously it was not on purpose, but none the less, New Rule, DO NOT TOUCH THE REMOTE! I will do it!!

Am going to work on a few Valentines things decorating, and outfits for my girls, so I will update you on that too!

Good thing everyone is making it back to school tomorrow, I can get a few things done!

Blessings all!
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