Friday, January 28, 2011

Fantabulous Friday!

I have been outta the loop again, Scotty ended up back at the dr yesterday....MAJOR sinus infection! Like so bad, that they tested him for strep...but it was just the guck running down his throat! YUCK! Today I went out, ran some errands and in search of Orange fabric...It is very hard to find, and still did not have the best luck, but it was better than Nothing!

Cute huh? Paired up with some cheetah print fabric, I think it will be great for some "bobcat" pride outfits!!

So out in my ventures I hit up Marshalls in search of some cute Skechers slip on type maryjanes...they had 2 pair, super cute, but not my small foot size! Then I ran across these on the clearance rack...they happen to be great for Celina as well, and a steal at $15 bucks!!YAY for me!

I always love a great deal and can never pass em up!!

I looked for Valentines stuff, but guess I am a little late, considering the shelves are plastered with Easter stuff I will have to plan better for next year! Lol...

What are you up to today?? Anything Fantabulous??

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