Friday, January 7, 2011


I thought this week would never end....and now we are preparing for it to be COLD, like freezing COLD Monday-Tuesday..YIKES!!

The kids progress/report cards came home yesterday, and again, like all year, they have continued to succeed and grow, we are very proud of both of them...The last one for Bella she struggled, due to not paying attention, and now has been working hard on bringing that grade back up, along with her reading level, which jumped from a 4 to a 10!! YAY Beetle!!! Along with that GREAT handwriting grade too...awesome work !!

 Scotty made the A honor roll again...AND is in a creative writing class, I think I mentioned that before.. BUT, I also received an e-mail from the writing teacher, asking to talk to me..I spoke to her this morning, Scotty was one of 4 kids, out of the entire second grade, that is a lot of kids!! Who was asked to compete in the UIL Competition. It is a writing competition, that will be held here in Celina for the next 2 years. I guess they hold them every year, at various schools in the district and they and move the actual place of competition every two years. I asked the teacher, and she said there are LOTS of kids, and that the competition covers the entire district, which spans all the way out to Bonham!!

This is a really BIG accomplishment...I remember at our old school, seeing all the kids writing work in the front office, and how nice their handwriting was, their capitalization and punctuation...these were things Scotty rrreeeaaaallllyyyy struggled with, his handwriting was hardly legible...this is really something we are proud of him for, and he is very proud of himself!! We are so excited!!!!

We have been keeping busy, it has been tough being inside a lot, especially the change in weather..the last couple days were in the low 60's, so the kids got outside a little, but this next week....COLD, and I am not looking forward to it..I have my comfort food menu all set..
Saturday-Going out, for my belated birthday dinner...YUM! I can't decide between Mexican or Cheesecake Factory...hhmmm
Sunday-Chili and cornbread
Monday-Pulled beef sandwiches and mac & cheese (homemade of course)

And then I wonder why I am in need of an elliptical...well because if I want to continue to eat what I like, I must exercise, it is a hard fact for me to face, as I have not worked out at all in any way in the last 11 years, well now it is showing...and not in a good way!!!

Hey, maybe one of my kids will bring me home a careful what I wish for!!
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  1. Congrats to your kids for such great report cards!! I wanted to let you know that I chose you for the Stylish Blogger Award! Have a great belated birthday weekend!!

  2. What smart kiddos you have...way to go Bella and Scotty! My oldest has always gotten great grades, but my 5 year old starts Kinder next year and I am so worried he won't understand it all. We will have to work hard on his handwriting! ;) I just wanted to let you know I awarded your blog the STYLISH BLOG AWARD over on my blog!!


  3. Thank Yall sssooooo much for thinking of me!! I appreciate it greatly...sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this blog, my life is not all that exciting!! lol...have a Fantabulous Sunday!! I am freezing my buns off....going to make cookies...uuummmm, that's why I have BUNS!! haha


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