Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just plain ccccoooolllldddd...........

School was cancelled on the account of the fabulous weather we are having, thought they'd give us a break because it has been so unusually beautiful and glorious................NOT...Everything is covered in ice and it is horrific! So we have been couped up all day, Brynne is still feeling yucky, and I am in my jammies, and have been all day long. I really saw no reason to doll up, as we are house bound.

I snapped a few pics, when I got brave enough to go out in 19 degree weather with a wonderful windchill, making it "feels like 8", tonight into tomorrow, they say it will "feels like negative 5"....really?(that would be NEGATIVE ) Ok I really have never felt 8 til today, and it is cold...The kids have bugged me all day to go out and play in the snow. The reality is this..

1. It is so cold
2. It is not even like real snow, it is ICE
3. The last thing I need is a kid with pneumonia, a cold is bad enough
4. Lastly it is just plain freezing, did I already mention that?

 Yes my friends it is cold...and icy....and I could not in my life ever imagine living somewhere that this is normal....If I did, I would be 50 lbs over weight, pasty white and horribly miserable....Right now, one out of three isn't bad, and its the middle one!!

This is how I start my every morning, YUM...Coffee 2 scoops of sugar, Irish creamer and topped with whipped cream.....Yes folks EVERYDAY.....LOVE IT, it makes me smile!!

I took these tonight after we ate our potato cheese soup with bacon and chives...and cornbread with honey butter.....

It was beautiful in a glorious cold way! Just peeking out a bit, the beautiful sun, it was something that I really appreciated today, another smile.....
In His Grace

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