Friday, February 4, 2011

Really? Are you kidding me....again?

I woke up to at least 8 inches of snow, and that was at 7:30.....It is now 10:30 and it has been snowing nonstop since then....

Yes my friends, I am officially going to lose my mind. I woke up with a headache, Brynne is still sick, and then this to top it off!The kids wanted to play in it, Have at it!!! I threw em' out while Brynne was at the DR with Scott, and they are officially frozen! Now they are warm showered and bundled up in their jammies...

Well this will top off our morning...snow cones! Real ones, so that will be another thing to make the kids happy...I just want this to be over and my life get back to questioning  our thoughts on moving to Texas...I did not sign up for this!!
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  1. You live in TX right? It's nuts in SW Missouri too!! 10+ inches, off work (I teach) since Monday... more snow coming down now!! More planned for Monday and Wednesday of next week! CRAP!!! We'll be going until June!!

  2. This is just plain wrong...really there is no reason for this!! I am tired, crabby and irritable...sad that no sunshine can do that to a person!! Just the feeling "trapped" is awful! Good luck to ya!!


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