Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

First of all I must express my UPSET that Justin Bieber did not win last night...Really...are you kidding me? Who was that chick? In my uproar, I immediatley turned it off, and switched over to th RHOAtlanta reunion, to which I missed the first 40 minutes of, wasting my time watching the Grammy awards...ok now that I let loose of that we go!!

Happy Valentines Day!

My kidos were off to school with Valentines in hand..all the excitement of what the day will bring!! I put their stuff together this morning, they'll have a lil' surprise when they get home!
Oh yes, this lil the idea from Char over at Crap I've Made....I have VERY little Valentine decor, so that will be on the "TO DO" list for next year...

gotta LOVE the dollar bins at Target..aren't these bags cute? for a buck!!

The kids weren't technically having a party, but we were able to bring a special treat for them, even though they are allowed to do the candy I made these.....

 Aren't they super cute!! These are actually for Brynne's class tomorrow, I made them for both Scotty and Bella's class, they are gonna love it.....before you give me a big pat on the back..I got this great idea, and FREE printable, from another creative mamma.....over at tatertots and jello, who was featured on Jen's site..lotsa creative things going on over there...check it out, amazing women!
Have a Happy V-day! Big hugs!!

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  1. I completely agree about the Grammy's!! I actually turned it off after that too.. the Biebs deserved to win!


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