Friday, February 4, 2011

What my kids eat...

So in all my free time, since we are in a snowy state of depression, I was catching up on blogs, other people's and my own! Kelly's Korner is hosting a SUYL(show us your life)- What do you feed your kids?.....and thankfully my kids are pretty easy!!!

While I have no pictures to prove it, they eat a variety of things and always have! From the time they were babies, when we lived at home in California, we would go out to eat a lot, no really fast food, but sit down places, because that is what Scott and I like to do. When we would got to Laughlin (the river) in the summer, or anytime, we loved to eat at this really nice Steakhouse, and since we had kids, they had to go. Believe me there were definite times, that we would take turns taking one of them outside, to take a time out, but really for the most part, they were awesome....My biggest compliment was always the "elderly" people who would come in, to be seated, and as they would get towards our table with all the little kids, they would ask to be seated somewhere else, assuming my kids were horrible and that they would ruin their dinner. i can not tell you how many times when we would see that happen, by the time either party would be done, people would stop by our table and tell us how well behaved our kids felt good....back to the food....

Since we have little kids, I mainly cook one thing, and love it or not, they have to eat it....Brynne (the youngest) is definitely the pickiest, less fancy restaurants when she came along, haha...

Breakfast, everyone picks their own either cereal, waffles or pancakes. Juice or milk, and either a toaster strudel or bagel/toast. IF daddy is home, he makes eggs with cheese....

Lunch, if they are home I make soup or sandwiches, grilled cheese, quesadillas. Occasionally do some chicken strips.

Dinner, anything, they eat it all...chicken, fish, steak, shrimp, scallops...most all veggies, Brynnes fav is Brussel sprouts, believe that! They love broccoli, squash & zucchini are on the fence, sometimes they love it, sometimes not. I usually make rice or a pasta to go with it, sometimes bread and or salad (Bella doesn't eat salad though)

Some things my kids LOVED as little ones and still do.....
Scotty- Blue Cheese crumbles, sauteed mushrooms, bearnaise sauce
Bella- Filet, cooked medium (like her momma), garlic mashed potato's
Brynne- Brussels sprouts, Lima beans, salmon, yogurt

Funny I think kids will eat what you give em, I am glad we tried alot of different things when they were young! Also now, we eat at home way more..only because everything is so far from us! We still eat out though, usually on the weekends or if we are in town....Mexican is our FAVORITE!! Along with Cheesecake Factory, Fuddruckers, and Chipotle..the kids dislike Chipotle the most, I think cause Scott and I could eat it everyday..they get tired of it!!!

Stay warm, it is snowing again...of course it is! (ugh)
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  1. Hehe.. how come going out to eat once you have kids is not all that fun?!? I have learned to like cooking. ;)

  2. I thankfully like to cook, and can actually chef it up a little....I LOVE Bearnaise sauce, actually learned to make it at home, because we were eating at home so much. not something you wanna eat everyday, the amount of butter...wooo...lots!!


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