Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Brynne Boo...the big #4

Today is my baby's 4th Birthday....YAY!! She is getting ssssoooo big, it is mind boggling that she is 4 today, also a sad day for mamma.....Lotsa presents came in the mail from Grandma...Fun to open!! An Adorable cookie bake set and ice cream set from my sweet friend JB... Also gift cards from Auntie Cheryl and Nana & Grandad!! Fun... She picked Cheesecake Factory aka cheese factory (in Brynne's words) for her birthday lunch, and I did not sway her....

 So excited about her Twinkle Toes, from Mommy & Daddy...she really wanted these, and can't wait to get them on...

 Daddy helping with the Barbie jeep.....everything Barbie and girly, that's our girls...(hmmm still pretty hot for an old married
 Why is there a spotted cat in almost every picture...ugh.....Bella helping Brynne "dig in"
After the festivities we had a light dinner at home and of course cake..... with 4 swirly candles...she loved it!

Today was a good day, a bitter sweet one. One that I missed our family for, my friends...having a real birthday party for her, something we have not really done for any of them since we moved here....It was sad in a lot of ways, but am so grateful in many others...her health, her spunky spirit, her loving and generous heart (even when Bella's isn't). She is a beautiful little girl, and am thankful I was talked into her 4 yearsand 10 months ago....

Happy Birthday Brynne Dahlia.....I Love You!
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