Tuesday, February 15, 2011

After Valentines....got me thinking

The kids had a great day at school, exchanging Valentines with friends and eating way too many sweets!!

They were ever so excited to get home, because before htey left I had told them they had a little surprise for them when they got home...

ok..so you know this gift was secretly for myself....

And I did......Even though it less than met ones expectations.... That would be Scotty, he actually thought there was a video game in his little robot bag, HA! There was a small toy ($5) each of them got 3 pieces of candy, and a card.....None of which was all that exciting to my son. My sweet son, who is now growing up..

So it got me thinking about Valentines Day, and any holiday for that matter, and I thought how sad it was that something extravagant was expected...That we as parents have set them up for big things, over the top things, and how it really is very unneccessary..it was a small something to say I LOVE YOU, and that I was thinking of you....and it is some how not enough in kids eyes...or atleast my kid.

After the treat wrapping was said and done....I had ONE thank you, without being prompted, and that was Brynne. she said  "thank you mommy for my Valentines", and somehow that made it all better.....

I am not a person who puts "expectations" on others, because when you EXPECT, you will be let down, it never fails
I am one however who tries to ACCEPT, accept what you are given or dealt in life, and dwelling does not help or change the situation...Only you, yourself can control your own actions and choices....

Best self taught lesson of my life.
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