Friday, February 4, 2011

The sun....if only for 30 minutes....

So I had one glimmer of hope and excitement....the sun actually came out today for about 30 minutes...long enough to snap some pics, it made me smile...finally....

This is what my sweet friend JB's pond looks like....

I snapped these of some various ice cicles that ware hanging from my house right now.....

Then none the less, my rotten cat had to dart out the front door, I let Daisy out to round him up, the one time I allow her to chase him.....

For those of you who know me, and what a freak I am about my car...this is its currnet state after a drive to the store...

Nice huh?
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    yall have more than us up her in wyoming.
    so crazy... AND fun!

    i can imagine it has been a big hit!

    you would die if you saw my car right now... messy muddy mama!
    glad you can't see it. :O)

    hope yall are staying warm... enjoying the weekend under foot.

    hugs from wyoming!

  2. Thanks girlie, for your kind words..this has been tough I am a California girl at heart, gloom and doom, is hard to take! So when are you headed to the LoneStar state? If you ever are up this way or I head to Houston, we'll have to meet in real star you sent me, hangs in my den, I love it!


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