Wednesday, February 23, 2011

keeping busy

I have been trying to sew some this week, to keep me busy and motivated to do something...the weather is dreary today, supposed to thunderstorm tonight. I got our in my yard and cleaned up a few day lilies, (like 40 of them) that is always a good stress reliever for me, that is when I miss my "done" yard at home, it was always so pretty, and I think because it was typically always sunny, it looked good all year long, but also we were out there more keeping it up....

I did finish a blanket for my sweet friend Shelby, back home. Shelby had a baby boy back around Halloween, and have just now finished her blanket...excuse the crappy pics, they had to be taken inside because of our gray skies...

It came out pretty cute! His name is Parker. It is super soft dark brown chenille on the side with his initial, and then patchwork on the other side...It felt good to accomplish something other than clean house!!

I also tried a new wine...I went last week to pu Scotty up at a friends in our neighborhood, and she offered me a glass of wine, of course I accepted...she said she bought the wrong one when she went to Target...but it was great so I had to buy a "box" for myself....did you know a "box" of wine is equal to 4 bottles, and less waste...the cute little wine cube fits nice in my mini fridge!
Cute and Fun, and less waste, and at $17.99...a good deal!

Have a wonderful Hump day..whats left of it!
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  1. That blanket is So Cute! You are very talented! I wish I could sew.I stumbled upon your blog and joined a few weeks ago! I just started my blog hope you can stop by!

  2. Girl...that blanket is so precious!! I love it..what a lucky friend!! Great job!


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