Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Busy..

Ok, I had to mention..the song playing...LOVE IT, my new fav!

I have been outta the loop again..MIA.....haha...We have been painting, or should I say my husband did the rolling part, now I am going in for the cut in...that is how we share the painting duties! He has been home this week, and it is 95% painted up stairs! YAY!!

Bella started with a low grade fever on Thursday after dance, which went to 103*m so she was home from school Friday...I feel like we can't catch a break on the sickness thing sometimes here!! We have never in our lives been this sick..funny Scotty asked me Friday when I picked him up at school,  "How come you never get sick mom?", I told him, because I am the mom, and it is not in my job description, I have no sick days and no sick pay...haha

My baby girl tuns 4 on Monday, and I am a little sad..I can't believe it! We will be celebrating tomorrow,  and then cupcakes to her class on Tuesday...Sweet girl, I will have some pics in my next post...(blogs are no fun if there are no pics, IMHO)

I signed Bella up for softball...and had already gotten Scotty signed up for Baseball, it will be busy, but I have a  couple good friends on the girls team, that will be able to help me out, if I need will help keep me busy, occupy my time when Scott is gone...

Well it had been beautiful weather the last few days, like 80....I was sooooo happy! We will see what today brings!
Big Hugs
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