Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sugar Cookies

Every year we make sugar cookies, and this year was one of the funnest ones! It is always neat to see who picks what sprinkles, who gobs the most in one spot, and how creative they get!! It is always fun but very messy! Over the years I have learned it is best to roll em' up, cut em' out and give each kid their own tray to do what they want...that way there are no squabbles....

 being very precise as to where the silver balls go...
 Yum Yum...Sugar Fun!
 Grandma and Brynne
 Brynne was the most into it, probably because of her age...she was VERY proud of cookies...It is funny because every time she hears me in the kitchen, especially if she hears the mixer, there she is with her little stool, telling me she will help me...
Ok, so how do ya like the "forever summer" tank my daughter is sportin'..NICE, it is freezing out, and she come sup with that! She was actually dressed, until we got home from Hobby Lobby and the girls painted, which would have resulted in the old tank, I asked her to put on some "old" clothes, so she would not get paint on her good clothes...thus the pink tank, and forever summer??HA...definitely not here, maybe in California, but not here!!

 Nicholas and Bella
 This was funny, I can't remember what she was telling Nicholas, but it had to be serious...do you see the look on her face and the hand on her hip??

 Nicholas and Scotty
 Ol' Miss Sassy Pants
 Look how great Scotty's cookies were...

 Nicholas and Scott

It was good fun!! Lotsa sprinkles and flour left behind, but any mess is worth  a great memory!!

In His Grace

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