Friday, December 10, 2010

So Many choices........

Tonight it is me and the girls...Scott is gone, and Scotty is staying at a friends house, so we are hanging out!! We went to dinner with my friends Kara & Honey and their kids, and Scotty is staying at Kara's with her son Wyatt...we ate Mexican food and talked, it was a good time!!

In the summer I am huge toe nail painter, like my toes are always polished, and the girls are too...So it had been a while since we had done toes, and since it was just us girls we did it! Bella & Brynne took a bath in my bath, and then came out the basket...basket of every color under the rainbow!!

The colors ALWAYS include sparkles...which is really best, because it dries really fast, the only down side, it's a pain to get off! But as cold as it is here, and the fact we are wearing shoes with socks these days, it should wear off by summer!
Good Night,
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