Saturday, December 4, 2010

Entry Way

Am participating again in a Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner..this time it is Entry Ways & Foyers....Mine is pretty plain...since we have not lived here too long, and we came from a very different house set up, I am still working on this part!!!
I think I need one of those small high tables here, that would look good with some pictures, maybe a lamp....and some stuff on it..Don't mind the half dead plants...haha anyone who knows me, knows how bad I am about taking care of live plants!!
This is immediately to your left, out Formal Dining room...LOVE THIS Room!
Straight ahead as soon as you enter our house

Formal Dining room

Welp Thats it! am off to make lunch for my kidos, and my husband is bringing me Chipotle..oh how I love Chipotle....

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Hi Christina! I just linking up with Kelly's Korner and looked at a few blogs who participated in "Show us your entry way". I've been reading your blog which is so lovely not to mention your family. A few things that caught my eye... The Housewives (love it!), Kenny Chesney at a pep rally & Boys of Fall story which was pretty awesome (we love his music!), your huge move to your new hometown (we moved to Czech Republic for the hubs hockey season Whoooa!) and Chipotle (we miss dearly!). All these combined, I knew I'd enjoy your blog. So, I'm your newest follower!

    Have a great day!

  2. Hey Thanks!! Love me some housewives too...Bevelry hills makes OC look like the ghetto, money wise!! haha anyways thank you for your comments..This has been a BIG transition..but a good all takes time! As for the Chipotle, that is really what we eat out lots, when we go to town..By the time he got home, it was a little cold, but still good! I will check out your blog!! have a fantabulous day!

  3. That door is spectacular!!!! LOVE it - how warm and great.

  4. We are 3 hours north of West Palm beach in New Smyrna Beach ~ should I even say this on internet?! I miss it so much, I can't even think about it. We have been in Czech since August and at almost 34 yrs old, you would think I'd be able to hold it together at a grocery store.. NOPE! It's crazy tough when nothing is in a language that you understand (labels, road signs, church...all gibberish). Love that I can browse blogs to relax. None of the other hockey wives here speak english. Whooa! I'm totally venting on your blog. Please excuse me. Enough bout that. I'm suppose to learn something in this new adventure! Watching the housewives make me feel normal HA! Can't say enough about Beverly Hills holy smokes. When we are back in Florida, Chipotle in Daytona Beach will certainly see our lovely faces. So yummy! {Fantabulous; love it!}

  5. That door is surely inviting, gorgeous! and love your dinning table.


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